Over the years Hunkidori has attended many parties and festivals providing either decor, cafe and chill out space or hosting the party themselves. Always trying to bring some special colour to an event.
ambient picnic ambient picnic ambient picnic
Hunkidori started out operating a cafe and small chill area at festivals in 1995. Offering good,wholesome food and extra-comfy-chillout space. Over time linking arms with the Guildford coalition and Guilfin peeps and helping coordinate and decorate the Ambient Lounge. After three seasons running around fields came the time for looking for a fresh start, operations moved to the big smoke of London. Not a place HD really wanted to be but a place to DO things and try and generate funds for the 'Land Fund'. A loose partnership was formed with the starting of @rch 266 in Brixton and HD assisted in the production of the series of parties 'On Holiday My Mistake'. This also gave HD the opportunity to start a weekly active/chillout at @rch 266 called 'Sensorama', offering music, comfort, games, info, free food and assorted tomfoolery.
sensorama posta
'Sensorama' ran for six months, for a while ajoined by the addition of 'Shanti Sunday' a Sunday afternoon chill event at 'Cool Eddies'. Things started to go horribly wrong at @rch 266 and the sudden good timing of the invitation to invade 'Trenz' in Dalston arose and was plucked. A year of monthly festy/party gatherings then followed creating a real nice vibe, three floors of great music and visual comfort. After a hectic but very enjoyable year it was decided to take a break from the crazy world of putting on the party.
trenz magic bus trenz flya
What was intended as a short interlude turned into more of a prolonged absence, although continuing to help decor parties and do the occasional tea stall. But our focus was again returned to festies and with the addition of some new structures and new friends a bit of bumbling around was had. With participating members spread about mainly in Wales, Forest of Dean, Yorkshire, London and the home counties, ensured we could never stay still for too long.

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