Hunkidori is 'on a mission'... there is purpose to all this madness. We are not just a bunch blinded by the fluff, we can see that this planet is increasingly under environmental pressure by the demands to provide for our modern way of life. Humans too, often succumb to the pressure and demands of this modern life. We love the planet and feel for the nature. We recognise for our own survival and for others there needs to be more places and spaces to retreat to when it's all just getting too much. We're talking 'sanctuary'!

We're looking to gain access to land/s where we can build creative communities living more in tune with nature, living in more self sufficient, eco friendly ways. Full of good ol' hip! hip!! hippee!!! ideas and ideals. There is a strange struggle in the mind of the term ownership of land... we feel more to being the gaurdians and gardeners... our time on this planet is short even though at times it may feel like an eternity but during this time there is an urge to assist in the continuation of positive living. To plant good seeds for the future, to nurture our time so that the generation to come may inherit something real and powerful, something of goodly character, higher consciousness and full of the positive side of natural energy.

All very much a flowery ideal... how to make that a reality?

The theory was to coordinate and operate a cafe at festivals and also to present parties and gatherings in order to gain the finnances needed to afford the creation of such sanctuaries. All profit from running the cafe and any events goes to the Land Fund. (Even if we never succeed in raising sufficient funds to purchase land we idealistically hope and trust that the great Spirit/ Creator/ Universe whatever name you feel happy giving, would provide us with the land... so if there's any landowners out there who have more than they need, think of our little plan and how you could help in amazing ways.)

In this day and age we are surrounded by comforts and luxuries but life is not always a bed of roses. We seem to be paying a collective price for our developments. We never had it so good but so too we now find ourselves with even more questions the more we unravel about science and the make up of Life. More and more people ask their own questions rather than just blindly believe what they are spoon fed as infants. The churches are trying to keep their ratings up when their own faiths are being tested. The New Age has brought with it a huge bag of 'alternatives'. We don't always know where we stand nowadays for we have so much choice. Future is always coming to be but we want to learn from our past. It's absolutely amazing... all of it... makes me shudder trying to think how this planet keeps up with us, producing for us food and energy for 24hrs let alone for years non stop. How we take so much from our planetary resources but put so little back in, tests our intelligence and our balance. We are children of the planet, Mother Gaia, she will always provide but in our greed and conscious ignorance, not innocence, we are in danger of turning our Earth against us. The further we stand apart from Mother Nature the further we risk alienating ourselves and bringing about our demise. Hunkidori prefers to put our trust in nature rather than the leaders of mankind. We know we can only do our best and our bit and hope that somehow collectively it takes us nearer the best future we can have. We feel it is important to find and develop our natural connection to this Earth.

There are other ways to live other than the hugely wasteful way we in the west currently do. Now is the time to develop more sustainable ways of living more in harmony with the Earth and it's resources... we have the technology we just need to use it in a more eco-nomical way.

It requires that we take the future more into our own hands and in our case we intend to gain access to land so we can live closer in league with it, physically, mentally and spiritually, as we educate ourselves we hope to be able to offer what we have learnt to others who are interested in such things and those who are in need of such things. We are all connected in one way or another, we are one big cosmic family. Help us live that way a little more with peace and understanding, equality and Love as our guides and goals, .