LLiDD are masters of ambient pursuation and molders of addictive beats and rhythms.
llidd bright lights
Music for ears and minds of discrimination. A living sound laboratory blending tradition with technology and bending the rules with innovation allowing things and sounds that aren't normally musical to become so. All this fuses together to become 'Organic' music that ebbs and flows and grows in cycles providing an experimental output that is uniquely LLiDD.











Pukka Chai make the best chai! Trained by genuine chai babas in northern India.

PC dish out more than just a hot cuppa of Indian spiced tea. The atmosphere is always welcoming and enlightening. The chai shop often becoming the scene of accoustic entertainments from story telling to bang the tea pot jamming. Quite simply satisfaction guaren-tea-hee-hee-d.











Mmmm...?? What can we say about the Lost it Cafe? The name says it all... if you're lost you'll find yourself right at home.
A performance in Kaos, a Sufi service. Suss-tanance outside the system willing to give you what you need anytime day, night and especially in the twighlight zone. Living proof that there is another way.








Enlightening lighting, customised displays to your desires.
A leading light in entertainments, illuminating dark places wherever they may be. Providing intelligent lighting by intelligent operators right across the board from theatre and stage to catwalk and conference.